Laleli and Laleli Magazine
Laleli Magazine that took a break with the beginning of the pandemic is meeting with its readers once again. Our traditional media organ, the voice of Laleli and LASIAD, welcomes you in a much stronger and more effective way. This new era will provide you with a unique magazine where you will find more fashion, more in-depth content, more trends, and the most original perspectives.

While we are happy to bring you the most impressive collections of Laleli's most distinguished brands, it is a source of pride for us to contribute to our global value as well. It is of utmost importance for a world-renowned value like Laleli to use all existing communication channels in the most effective ways. In this context, we are experiencing the excitement of bringing our magazine to you in a stronger way after a mandatory break.

The enthusiasm of presenting our magazine that our editorial board focused on with great sensitivity and care while considering every detail and constantly consulting each other to bring a valuable work to our region every month with its print quality and visual presentation, is an indescribable pleasure. As LASIAD, we are very well aware of our responsibility. We are aware of what our region means to both our companies and our country with each and every one of us.

Laleli is neither the name of a district nor the definition of a region on its own. Laleli is the brand of our country and is the heart of Istanbul, whereas it is the name of a unique global center where history, trade, tourism, and logistics intersect. Laleli is also the name of hope that our customers and guests, who come to our country from countless parts of the world with the hopes they carry inside their hearts, make their dreams come true.

Laleli is a development center where people from Anatolia, the Balkans, and every other part of our country cling to life, build their future, and transform their fortunes. Laleli is a destination where people who are different from each other get closer, cultures and traditions are melted in a pot, and where harmony, understanding, self-sacrifice, tolerance, and clemency are integrated.

It is the first step in the global showcase of the giant names and brands of our country, and a training ground for them before they open to the world. For both our buyers and companies, Laleli is a permanent fair, an exhibition ground that never closes, thanks to its magnificent physical infrastructure and stores.

Laleli is like a second home for wise people who reinforce competition with friendship, nourish trade with abundance, and make shopping sustainable with patience and prudence. Whoever experiences Laleli, breathes this precious atmosphere, and lives this beauty in their heart, will somehow get their share of this graceful prosperity and abundance. Laleli is the sole inheritor of the caravans full of cargo, the ancient merchants with wisdom, and the trade routes operating on the basis of trust in the dusty pages of history.

Whoever is the passenger of this convoy and lends a shoulder to this story, this intuition is finely engraved in their soul. That is why Laleli is more than just a neighborhood, but also means of belonging for its members, an identity they carry proudly. Once you have stepped into Laleli, you may now consider yourself a loyal individual and a voluntary envoy of this land of peace. This bond does not break even after decades, on the contrary, it gets stronger, sturdier, and more powerful.

That is why Laleli is highly valuable, and Laleli magazine is of utmost importance to us. Laleli magazine is a voice that carries on the memories of people who have somehow drifted away from these lands, and those who yearn for Laleli.

While vocalizing once again the place our country's ready-made clothing and fashion sector in the world every month, it also leaves a soothing tune in the hearts of those who miss Laleli. Long story short, Laleli magazine is Laleli itself, just like LASIAD. On this occasion, I wish that this new issue of our magazine will bring blessings and prosperity to our companies, our region and our country, and I wish you healthy and happy days.