Op. Dr. Avni Hakan ÖLMEZTÜRK
Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahı
Is Psychotherapy through Plastic Surgery Possible?
Emphasizing that plastic surgery has a different state compared to other branches due to its intertwined nature with the psychological dimension in a non-negligible way, Op. Dr. Avni Hakan ÖLMEZTÜRK, states that especially patients who want a plastic surgery should listen carefully before the surgery and evaluate their readiness for this surgery.

What makes Plastic Surgery different from other branches?
One of the most important features that distinguishes plastic surgery from other branches is that it is more important to determine whether the patient's psychology is ready for surgery. It is very important to take the time to listen to the patients who come to the clinic to understand whether their wishes, complaints, and postoperative expectations are parallel. For example, if the patient goes to an internal diseases clinic, he can take an iron medicine if there is an anemia symptom according to the blood results in his hand, an antibiotic if there is an infection, and his treatment would be provided this way. Here, some patients who come to us come with a picture of a famous model or an artist, for example for nose surgery. They may say, "I want my nose to be like Hülya Avşar's".

Is psychotherapy possible with a scalpel?
Each doctor's evaluation of his patient and evaluation criteria are different. I think that evaluating the plastic surgery and whether the patient is suitable for this surgery is at least as important as performing this surgery itself. The beautiful appearance gained by plastic surgery will definitely affect the social and emotional life of the person in a positive way. Feelings of self-confidence and satisfaction with self will surely increase. But it is not correct to see it as a psychological treatment. The patients who come to us with depression think that the operation will take them out of this state of mind and make them happy. However, if the foundation is not solid, you may encounter greater destruction even if you repair the outer walls. When the patients are not mentally ready for this surgery, they will experience more pain after the surgery and regret it as a result. Because surgery is a serious phenomenon, not a psychotherapy method.

What does the success of plastic surgery depend on?
The only indicator of whether a plastic surgery is successful is whether the patient is happy with the result or not. No matter how successful an operation is in terms of surgery, if the patient is not happy with the result of the operation, some things are missing there. The most important factor for people who have undergone plastic surgery to be happy is that they are fully prepared and ready for this surgery. Patients who have not fully decided on an operation and came to us half-heartedly may feel the pain of the operation even more.